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Travel diary: Venezia

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Two years ago I went to Venezia with with my Art History uni class for four days, and I just fell in love with this city. This is not a myth Venezia is the city of love. Everywhere is a romantic place, the exact right one to kiss your lover. If we avoid the tourists of course. But well, what will be Venezia without its tourists? A nice Italian village with mesmerizing buildings. Anyway, Venezia is much more than romance, it is also art, culture, architecture, evening walks and delicious food. And so in this blogpost I would like to share with you my favorite spots in the city, but Venezia is not really about secret places, it is mainly about touristic areas, so I'll give you some advices to avoid the crowd for a moment and just have the city for yourself. 

The first place I would like to tell you about is the Palacio del Dogo, a traditional place to visit just to learn about the history of the city, the politics, and also to discover one of the most beautiful building of Venezia, decorated in the old style, gold everywhere and furnitures over the top. Of course it will be crowded, but reserve your tickets online and go in the early morning. And if I can give you my point of view, go when it is raining. Nothing will compare the beautiful spectacle of the inside court in the pouring rain and you walking around under the arcades. A beautiful way to learn about the history of Venezia. 

Then to go on with the real tourists places to visit, you must visit Santa Maria della Salute church. It is impressive, beautiful, a real piece of art. Look up and admire the paintings, the sculptures. Take your time, there are so many details to see...

Another iconic place that you have to see is the Ca' D'oro and Palacio Giusti. Maybe a little less touristic as well, heaven in golden house. Everywhere around you, medieval and modern art pieces, but also contemporary art exposed in one of the most beautiful building of the city. And don't be afraid to go outside, on the balconies, to check the incredible view over the canal and be part for a moment of this decor out of a fairytale. 

But now let's slip away from the crowd and walk around the city in quieter places. Start from piazza San Marco and take the direction of Castello by going behind the basilic and crossing the Ponte dei Sospiri. Walk for a couple of minutes and get lost in those tiny streets. Not much tourists anymore, but locals, having a drink at 11 in a little cafĂ©. Venezia is also about that, just getting lost and forget the map for a minute. 

After your wandering you might need to get a little bit refreshed, and the better place to do so is for sure Grom. To sum it up, the best ice creams in Venezia, and according to some locals, the best in whole Italy, and maybe even the whole world. Stracciatella and chocolate are my faves!

End up your day with a nice dinner on Piazza San Marco and go take a walk around at night. Everything changes. No more tourists, everything is quite. Just get lost again, cross the bridges, see the beautiful buildings in an other light, and just enjoy the city for yourself.



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