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Autumn bag

Friday, 21 October 2016

Fall is here, and I wanted to update my dream bag for this new season. Remember the Dionysus Gucci bag? We're still in love with it right? But let's fall in love again and have an affair with Proenza Schouler PS11. The style is completely different. Smaller, more discrete as well, but still iconic. This dream bag is made for the girl always on her way, the girl who knows what she wants and needs in her bag - only few things because of the small size of course, but this girl is also pretty organized. His style is hard to define. Classic? Not really. Punk? Two big studs are not enough to say so. Tomboy? Too feminine for that qualification.  We could just say that this bag is the bag of a stylish girl, who has a personal, particular style, who knows who she is and who can style this lovely little piece with almost every of her outfit. She has a dreamt wardrobe. A lot of jeans and sweaters, causal t-shirts but also pretty short and girly dresses. She wears Converse and slippers but can put on some stiletto whenever she wants to take some high. This girl is a 24 years old fashion blogger, student in fashion maybe, confident, the one we want to be when you're 21 and in love with her bag. 

It might not look like such a practical bag, but what's more important? The practical aspect or the pretenses? Let's agree with the latter. Only few pockets, but a big space in the central part when you can put all of your mess, but stay reasonable, it is not that huge. The long strap doesn't able us to wear it at so many different lengths, however it feels like the designer found the perfect one for us. Even if this bag can look pretty basic, the front can'y help but make us change our mind. The details and the undefinable style it will give you make all the difference. Easy to still with every pice of your wardrobe, you can carry it from day to night. A bag to dream about. 



Picture n°1: Credit TuulaVintage

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