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Favorite Fall books

Sunday, 23 October 2016

To read is to feed your soul. You learn a different language, a different way to speak, you forget your life in somebody else's, you let yourself dive into the pages. To escape your life, to keep your mind busy, to stay active instead of waiting in an airport and waisting your time, books are here to save us. I wanted to share with you my favorite books of the season, the one you can bring to the airport, read in your bath, read when you are sleepless, when you are sad, when you wait to an appointment, when you need to forget your problems and dive into somebody else's life. 

The first book I would like to tell you about has been written by Katherine Pancol, a fabulous writer well-known in France but now her novels have been translated in 27 languages! And to forget your life, her books are the best. Muchachas, First Part, is about women and life. How they deal with their issues, how they show their strength, how they make their path through this hard life by themselves. They "lead the dance", they make men crazy, they suffer, bleed, cry, but they stay. Sensitive, narrow-minded, famous, anonymous, in love, unhappy, those women are us. You can recognize your own face in their character, you can use the novel as a mirror. You learn from them. Katherine Pancol hasn't wrote a novel, but a life lesson. To read whenever you feel lost, sad, or just happy. This book is like life, you don't need a special occasion to live, and neither to read Muchachas

Murder, violence, Los Angeles and girls, the perfect mix for an intense and powerful thriller. But here the difference is that reality is at the origin of Simon Liberati's novel. Charles Manson and his sect, the girls he convinced to perpetrate the terrible murder of five innocents. Some pages will be hard to read, violent, close to reality, talking about real people, you won't get away from this book without feeling changed. California Girls tells about a true story, tells about the end of innocence. 

70's in California, golden youth craving for freedom and a different way of life. This dream has been immortalized by Bill Yates, and this fall a book gathering all of his cliché went out in libraries.  Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink. Diving in this golden age without having lived it is now possible thanks to him. A novel in pictures. 

You don't have to read a novel to escape your world. And one of the best book to do so is for sure a fashion book. Glitters, luxury, diamonds and lace, you dive in a fashion dream thanks to Vogue UK releasing a book gathering the history of the magazine and its best pictures. The title? Voice of a Century. Even in here we understand that it will be more than fashion, but also history, and the history of photography, garment, editorial, women. A beautiful book to look at on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea and some scones. 

Novels don't have to be new to be attractive. Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote some unforgettable books, just like Tender is the night. Nobody cared for it when it came out, but today we assume that it became a classic, and since I read again some fragments of the novel recently I decided to add it to my favorites list. People are fragile, vulnerable, lost in their life and lost in the world. More than an autobiography of the emblematic couple that is Francis Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, this novel is the story of real people. A story to escape, a story to live again and again, moving, tragic, unforgettable, a classic to read just to remember that we are too weak to fight against life. 



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