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My dreamt apartment II

Thursday, 27 October 2016

I wanted to share with you another studio apartment that I stumbled upon while scrolling down on Tumblr - my favorite activity as you might have guess by now - few days ago. I finally have a home in Amsterdam, since the start September, but well, it is shared, my room is pretty small and well, in a word it is not really what I was dreaming of. But fortunately I am a girl who is down to earth so I don't feel depressed when I see those marvelous apartments on Tumblr. I just save the picture and keep them in a file as reminders: if you do your things right Amy, if you work hard at uni and if you work on your smartness - is it even a word? - you will have you dreamt apartment for real. For now as you can see I don't have that much ambition concerning housing. As a student all I want is a studio, no need for several rooms and bathrooms. So let me take you around my new dreamt apartment. 

Let's start with the bedroom corner. Here the atmosphere wanted is clear: cosy and relaxing. A dream catcher on the wall, green plants and bright colors. The perfect mix to feel cosy at home and relax after a stressful day at uni.

When you are living in a studio it is important to know how to get organized and how to put your stuffs together in order to have enough space. This studio is actually quite big, so no worries about it, but at least the disposition of the rooms is also well done. And there's a balcony!

As you can see in the precedent picture a massive opening has be done in the wall to make the kitchen easily communicate with the living space. Very luminous and decorated with bright colors it is the perfect size and style for a student who likes to treat himself with pretty nice dishes time to time.

To end the visit let's have a last look at the living area, but this time from the kitchen. The massive window lets enter a lot of light which is just enough to brighten the whole flat. Then, you just need to add some cosiness with a rug, fluffy blankets and flowers. With this studio the word "lifestyle" takes all of its meaning.



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