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Blogger style: Tuula Vintage

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Fashion bloggers are here to inspire us, to show us how to wear haute couture in daily life, to expose their life on social media, to let us share their daily routine, and to let us dream with their daily outfits. One of those fashion blogger is named Jessica Stein, better known under the pseudonym of Tuula Vintage. As many fashion bloggers, I discovered her thanks to Instagram. Exotic places, close snaps of her accessories, easy going but still elegant outfits, she travels the world, eat good food and owns the prettiest closet. Jessica is from Australia, and that is maybe why her Instagram is so colorful and joyful. Pretty pictures of her home country everywhere, she makes us wish that we could just fly to this far away land and enjoy life in the Australian way. As for many other bloggers, we don't really know what she is doing, how she earns money and is able to pay all those flights, all those eat bags, but we stop caring and asking at some point. Her style matches the country she visits. Long light dresses in Mexico, cute little top and jeans in New York, shorts and shirts in Sydney... She travels and changes her style in every place she lands. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photographs of her style and travels, the style of a girl we wish we could be. 

Spring in New York City

Summertime in Australia

Como, Italia

On the go

Homeward bound

You can find Jessica's blog, Tuula Vintage, here!



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