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Thoughts on sex

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Today I wanted to talk about something that is way too much overrated. Sex. Being honest, I don't have that much experience,  but I think I have enough to talk about it in a way that has nothing to do with "how to do it right", or "what's the best position", I want to talk about sex cause it feels like our society doesn't really know how to handle it. Sex is taboo, sex is bad, sex is dirty. And growing up in this way of thinking can be pretty hard for a teenage girl, and also a teenage boy even if it may be a little bit different. Anyway, sex is presented has disgusting, painful, and most of all, a reeky big deal. We all know that it can be pretty hard to talk about it with your mother, or any family member, and so finding answers to all of the questions you might ask yourself can be pretty hard. But God invented Internet and Tumblr, and here you go guys, asking the most embarrassing question anonymously. Because let's say it, sex is important. I know it might be the thing we dont want to talk about, the embarrassing part of your growing up, but at some point it will happen, and to be ready for that is not really an easy task. People tend to minimize sex. But I do think that it is a really important part of our life. Sexuality is not only about having a good time in bed, it is also about learning about yourself, about your body, learning how to be vulnerable with someone you love in a different way, it is just about life. 
    I grew up pretty afraid of sex. The first time hurts so much, you'll bleed as hell, guys are pigs, you know, all of those statements that girls know and make them say "I'll stay a virgin forever" at least once in their life. I've been in this situation, and sex did really scare me, but after my first time - which was not that glorious, let say that - I did realize that maybe made too much of a big deal of it. Maybe it wasn't so nice, maybe it did hurt a little, maybe we felt uncomfortable because we didn't really know what we were doing, but in the end the it was done I didn't feel different. I was still the same girl, I just had sex. All of this fairytale about "your little flower", "your virginity which is such a precious thing" disappeared in my head right after we were done. Even the expression "loosing your virginity" is so negative! I don't think I loose anything, I actually gain something. But let's be honest sex can be pretty stressful. And if I can give you one advice if you're nervous for your first time or for whenever it feels like it isn't working, lube. Might become your best friend at some point. What can also be pretty stressful about sex is the fear to create a little human. Gosh, sounds weird. Anyway. Contraceptive is really important, and just start with condoms. There are many other solutions, but this is for sure the best one to start. And relax, it is not that easy to make a baby! If you protect yourself you'll be fine, no baby for you now!
    Sex is awesome could be my conclusion. I must say that in a relationship it is really important, not only to "keep the sparkle", but also because it is a special moment that inly the two of you share. You learn to know him or her better, in a different way, you're vulnerable, and you just experience different feelings and sensation that are seriously worse the stress of the "first time". But sex is also really important for your relationship with yourself. You'll learn to know your body better, to know yourself better, and it might just help you to change into someone more confident, feeling sexier, prettier. Sex might not be life, but it is a really important part of it. Missing this part of your love life will be quite a shame.



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