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Favorite Autumn Lipsticks

Thursday, 24 November 2016

New season means new makeup, and when it comes to lips it is always funny to play with colors in Autumn, when our style changes and sweater make their apparition. So today I would like to share with you my selection of lipsticks for the Fall, variating with shades but also with applicator! As we know, Autumn is always about those dark colors, burgundy and deep red, however, even though they will be part of my short list I would also like to share with you some other lighter shades perfect for the colder times and not only reserved to Summer evenings. So here are my favorites.

Rouge Dior, "Poison Matte"
This lipstick is just the dream. The color might frighten the shyer ones, however this deep purple will perfectly match a simple dark outfit, a casual one, and make it chic in a second. The application is really nice, and feels surprisingly great on your lips. Yet, like for every deep dark color, you will have to applicate it several times a day in order to keep the right shade and not to wear lipstick stains all over your lips after brunch. Anyway, this is the lipstick for the sassy girls in will of showing their darker side.

MAC, Lip Linner Pro-Longwear, "Morning Coffee"
MAC has always been one of my favorite brand, mainly for its fancy but cray collabs - with Charlotte Olympia, to own the collection was simply goals - however I always had this really bad feeling about their lipsticks, leaving your lips dry and uncomfortable. So I found the perfect solution, turn to the lip winners. The application allows a lot of precision, and the texture is way lighter and you barely feel it on your lips. Plus, this color is a real dream if we are feeling like wearing a grey turtle neck knit and a cat eye. Light and pink but still fancy and discreetly sexy.
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Clinique, Rouge Impact, "Pink Style"
We could think that dusty pink is only right for bright summer days or to keep company to a strong smoky eyes, but actually not. This Clinique lipstick is goal when it comes to take it easier and make it lighter on autumnal days. The application feels very nice and with that color you won't have to color your lips too many times in the day. The perfect lipstick if you dare wear crazy Christmas jumpers or just if you feel like being less exuberant for this cold windy day.
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Laura Mercier, Lip Pencil, " Deep Wine"
My love for lip liners and lip pencils used for full lips and not only contours is quite recent, but I feel like I'm going to go even further with the lip liner craziness. And Laura Mercier will for sure help me out with that. The brand has so many different shades, it almost makes me feel dizzy. But I found the perfect one for this Autumn, "Deep wine". Its name says it all, right? A deep red, almost purple, so pretty and so comfy as well! Maybe my favorite one between them all if I had to choose...
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