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Portrait of Marthes, Boldini

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Painting did always had a lot of importance to me. I always did enjoy looking at an art world for hours and trying to understand the aim of the artist, trying to grasp the meaning which is sometimes hidden, or even sometimes trying to appreciate something that I didn't like, trying to understand why I didn't like it. Art is of course subjective, everybody, with an art historian background or not, is able to give a critic, to express his feelings about an art piece. Like I did, some weeks ago, telling you my love for this Monet painting, being subjective and not looking for any agreement on what I stated. So today I would like to claim my love for another art work, the Portrait of Marthe by the Italian painter Giovanni Boldini. To be honest, I can't remember how I did discover this painting. It was last year, and no matter how I did discover Bolding I remember as soon as I saw some of his works I knew he would become one of my favorite artist. 

I've always been one of those landscape lovers, not that much into people, whether it was in real life or in painting, I felt more at ease with nature than society. However, Giovanni Bolding learned me how to love people - at least on canvas - with his elegant, mysterious, attractive creature. He loved to represent the stars of his times - he was a painter in Paris at the start of the 20th century - the singers, the ballet dancers, the actresses, all even more beautiful than the others. Elegance is the best word to qualify his work. Boldini can fix in a painting the beauty and the natural of those women, dressed like we wish we could still dress, elegant, only letting us know a little bit about themselves, letting us pondering on this question: "Who is she?". The painter doesn't give any answer intentionally. It is up to us to dive into his paintings and try to understand those women, try to understand where this natural elegance comes from, try to understand how we can fall in love with a painting. 



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