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Vogue Paris

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Recently I've been trying to read new magazines, issues from different countries - learning Dutch while reading L'Officiel Netherlands for instance - but every time I open a new one I'm always disappointed. I've been a faithful reader a Vogue Paris for something like 7 years now, and even thought time to time I disliked the issue - too many naked women and too much trash fashion in Carine Roitfeld last issues for me - I always enjoyed the prettiness of this magazine. Vogue Paris is all about a flawless editorial, a perfect construction and an elegant sense of fashion. The fashion editorials, the make up section, the staging of accessories, even the adverts are put in a way to make out of this magazine pure prettiness and elegance, in the French Style. 

So yes, as I told you I found myself cheating on Vogue Paris since three months maybe. I was used to read L'Officiel Paris, but it is not as good as it used to be and I decided to stop purchasing it, too disappointed to spend 4,90€ on an issue I won't read. However I never really looked at Vogue from other countries. Just out of laziness maybe, or because I loved my routine. Anyway. Last September I was at the airport waiting for my flight which would bring me back home for a week. I didn't have any book with me, neither any magazine, and I wanted to read something. So I went to the duty free shop and purchased the famous Vogue U.S September Issue. You know, what is considers as the Graal of fashion magazines. I couldn't wait more. After having spent 13€ on it - this is not a joke - I sat and opened it. I had to wait for page 110 to finally get a summary. I didn't think the "800 pages of fashion" was actually 700 pages of adverts. Anyway, I stopped being negative and went through it. I won't relate my whole experience, let's summarize it: all that I saw was adverts - not even pretty ones, it is about high and low brands which to me doesn't make any sense since 99% of the stuffs staged in Vogue are not affordable - and some pages of beauty and two fashion editorials. What a disappointment my friend. This is the Graal, really? To me, as a faithful reader of Vogue Paris, I was shocked. The edition wasn't even pretty, the adverts neither, it wasn't aesthetic, it wasn't pretty, it was all about adverts - so money of course - and articles were lost within them. 

Another time I decided to go through Vogue UK while waiting at the airport. But after 10 pages I knew I wouldn't buy it. And I finally understood that Vogue Paris was unique. Nothing can really compare to this elegance, this chic simplicity and the articles - so nice to read! Fashion becomes literature in Vogue Paris. So instead of purchasing new magazines, I just read every issue of Vogue Paris to death, for a month, and only leave behind one issue when I know the new one is about to come my way. Parisian do it best this time. 



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