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A day... in Zurich

Friday, 18 November 2016
Going on a train on a day off, no plans, no maps, just deciding when you wake up at 12 am to go to Zurich just because you can. This were the kind of things my boyfriend and I used to do when we were still living in Basel. Just a day away, just the will to discover a place we didn't know. We did that in Bern, and one day we decided to go spend some time in Zurich, just for few hours. This year in Basel wasn't that easy, however it enabled me to discover Switzerland and most of its big cities. It was the kind of day I used to love while we were there. The kind of day we had for us two, where we were free to walk around without any goal, without any specific idea. Just the will to get lost somewhere we didn't know, just the will to escape the routine for a day. And Zurich was quite good at it. So here I am sharing with you the pictures I took on that day, and remembering with nostalgia this perfect day away with my lover.

The city center, with its shopping area and nice restaurants

Secret garden on the top of the city

Getting lost in the old city

View over Zurich

Peaceful side of this crazy city



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