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A day in poetry VI

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Us is all I have.

Us is all I have

You stay here until I calm down, you hold my hand
And let me cry. 

Us is all I have.

You cary me when nothing's right, 
You forgive me when you know I wasn't right, 
But only mad.

Us is all I have.

We sleep one against another, 
Body against body like we are one, like you are mine. 

Us is all I have. 

We always fight, we always cry, 
We always say our thoughts out loud, 
But never we tear apart. 

Us is all I have. 

I don't remember you doing things wrong, not even once. 
I can't remember a single bad memory, 
I don't want to erase anything, not even the hard times with you. 

Us is all I have. 

I always lived within you. I was under your ribs, 
In a safe place. 
I was inside your mind, living in a safe dream.

Us was all I had. 

But in the end no place is safe. In the end all dreams become nightmares.
I would never have thought that you'll be my past, I only saw you as my future.
Us was all I had.
I can't live under your  ribs anymore, breathe the same air as you do anymore, 
But you'll always live under my skin. 
Us is all I want. 



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