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Travel diary: Amsterdam

Friday, 9 December 2016
Traveling to Amsterdam is nothing really original. I mean, just go to Kalverstraat - the street where all the shops are - on a Tuesday and you'll see that tourists are, well, everywhere. However, who can blame them? With its museums, shops, its nightlife and the beautiful architecture of the city, everybody wants to see it at least once. I went as a tourist a couple of years ago, and I just loved it here. But now, as a local, things are slightly different, and I start to discover new spots, new activities,   to see Amsterdam with another look. Nonetheless, what would be Amsterdam without its stereotypical spots? So I've decided to tell you about some well-known places, but also about some others a bit more secret, a bit more about locals than tourists. Welcome to Amsterdam!

The Van Gogh Museum
Go visit the master's artworks in his homeland, in this magical museum, a piece of art itself. You will see some of the most emblematic paintings of the Dutch artist, while wandering around this modern building built for the collection of the Van Gogh family. Along the journey, you will follow the evolution of his art, discovering first of all his first pieces, and going along the years, being able to see by yourself some of his most amazing - sometimes quite unknown - canvas. Don't miss it!

Canal boat
If you do not take a boat tour on the canals you just miss the main Amsterdam activity. This is cliché, this is a tourist trap, but well, if you want to live the Amsterdam experience you'll have to do it. It is for sure the best way to discover the city and to see the beautiful houses. Calmer than the pedestrians streets, way more chill than by bike, the boat tour is a must. 

Vondel Park
Amsterdam is a really busy city, with small streets and a lot of pavement, but you can take a break from this if you go to the Vondel Park, one of the biggest public park of the city. You can discover it by bike in order to see it all without having your feet bleeding, take a look at the water spots, and look around the beautiful houses hidden behind the magnificent old trees. The perfect place for some fresh air. 

Katten Kabinet
You are a cat lovers? So is the director of this museum dedicated to cats! A lot of objects, figurines and sculptures representing cats are exposed in this old Amsterdam house, along the canal, but also paintings, posters and intriguing objects. But most of all, real cats. Real cats around the house, sleeping on a chair and only waiting for your cuddles. I told you, the perfect cultural activity for cat lovers. 

Shopping in Amsterdam
The city is full of original shop and concept stores, and the only way to find them is to get lost in those little streets along the canal near the Westerkerk. But if you are looking for a proper street to go shopping, I would recommend Leidsestraat for its original shops but also its nice brands and tourists shops. Anyway, all Amsterdam is good for shopping, so get your wallet ready to suffer. 

De Koffieschenkerij
It's ok, you don't have to pronounce it. But don't miss it! After a long morning of shopping, go to this café and get yourself a slice of the best apple pie in town. This lovely café is situated in the Oudekerk, the oldest church of Amsterdam, it is a must see and a must eat! Enjoy!



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