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(Fashion) Photographer: Kat Irlin

Tuesday, 27 December 2016
Fashion photography is really coded. When we think about it we immediately see Demarchelier's work, Peter Lindberg's images, Inez and Vinhood, but fashion photography is not always about clean photographs. It is not always about beautifying the garment, it can also be about beautifying the model in order to bring the outfit to life. Quite recently I've discovered Kat Irlin, fashion photographer from Russia, living in New York. When I stumbled upon her Instagram account I thought she was one of those photographer portraying people on the street. I didn't have a clue that those aesthetic and sexy pictures were took for fashion brands or magazines. Her work is different. She is not afraid to bring the sexy back, to show much more skin in a really sensual way, to be sassy, to show real life people being wild and sexy. This is for sure the best word to describe her work. It is all about mysterious beauty wearing lace lingerie, couple kissing in the street, the girl wearing nothing under her trench coat... In a word, Kat Irlin tells story that we never thought could be part of what we call fashion photography. In her world apart she brings back sensuality and senses, she awakes within us our will to see beauty. 

Credit for all photographs: Kat Irlin's website



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