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December favorite books

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy new year you all! I wish you all the best, and in order to help you start the year the right way I've decided to pick up my favorite books of last month so you can have good reads for this day off. This list is a mix between different types of books, from art books to modern novel, before jumping in the past to rediscover some of the most beautiful books of all times. Good reads make our life better, that is for sure. And so if you don't really feel like 2017 will be so nice, just dive into one of them and lost yourself into somebody else's life, even if it is just for an hour. 

There are some modern authors that are already legendary even though they are quite recent. Sometimes a little movie inspired by their novel is the best way to bring them under the spotlight, and this is exactly what happened to Lauren Weisberger. Her terrible experience as the personal assistant of Vogue US' editor in chief has been turn into one of the most popular novel of the 21st century before becoming a legendary movie, The Devil Wears Prada. By now Weisberger is one of the most popular writer of the century, and last 2016 she wrote another wonderful novel, this time taking place in the tennis game's world. Love, celebrity and betrayals are at the heart of The Single Games that will let you escape from your everyday life so easily that you won't let this book down before you'll finished it. 

A good old classic is always a good idea. But when it come to poesy sometimes we don't really know where to look at. However, one poet needs to be rediscover, Sylvia Plath. This is the kind of poesy girls dream of at night, the kind of poesy you read and then think, "I wish I could have written that myself". This is the kind of poesy that let you travel in another world only thanks to few words. Ariel is for sure her best collection of poems, a must read if you are a poems lover. 

Coffee table books always are a good idea for a Christmas present, and this year I've received The Coveteur new book released last October. At first an online magazine, it became a book gathering their best interviews and photographs. If you don't know the concept of the magazine, basically it is about sneaking in the personal spaces of style icon, going into their house, exposing their style and interviewing them about it. Inspiration is all over this magazine, and their beautiful book a real piece of art. 

Being distracted by a book is quite easy, but when you just can't get the book out of your hands it is for sure a good one. Overtime I read one of Sophie Tinsel's 'Shopaholic' book I close it only when I'm done with it. So I was really happy to see a new book coming out with new adventures for Becky. Shopaholic to rescue is a real treasure of entertainment, bringing you to both laugh and tears. 

Every mont I try to read or re-read a classic from the 20th century, just to educate my taste and my knowledge in literature. This month I choose a book from Ernest Hemingway, A moveable feast. It is the third time that I read this book, but each lecture brings new feelings and new discoveries. Paris, back in the old days, when writers from all over the world, artists, musicians, would know each other perfectly, gather in caf├ęs to discuss their works, go on adventures with them. Hemingway writes a magnificent portrait of Paris and its artists, his Paris, the one he knew in his young years, the one when all would love to know. This book is history, but this is also a love story between you two. 



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