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Winter favorites

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Few weeks ago we changed season. And new season means new list of favorites! The colder times are here now, snow is falling, wind is blowing and some of us have been victims of the seasonal depression. I haven't really been one of them this year. I actually like Winter. Yes of course it is all grey and foggy, cold and stormy, snowy and windy, but even if those adjectives don't sound so good this season is still pretty nice. First of all, there was Christmas. Well, I know it is over since quite a long time now. But stay positive! Because, yes, maybe when we don't live up in the mountains, if there's just rain and wind and no snow and sun, Winter can be quite depressing. But remember that under the frozen ground Spring is getting ready... Until then, here is a list of my favorites stuffs of the season, so just be patient for Spring, and try to make the most out of Winter time...

With the new year comes the need of a new planner. Last year I didn't have one. Maybe because it was a gap year, I don't know, but when university came back into my life I really missed having one. So this year I've decided to buy one as soon as possible, and to get mine I choose to take a look at the amazing Ohh Deer website. This is where to shop for stationary lovers, and I already picked up some of my favorites on this website last season

To stay in the stationary thematic, and in order to plan your week or your month with style, you will need a pretty good pen. And the better ones are for sure by Caran d'Ache.

As I told you in my latest post online shopping is a must if you're feeling down, and even more if you are a victim of the seasonal depression. This season, I went a little bit crazy on Zara, and so I decided to make you a list of my top 5 articles on the website.
New season also means new fragrance. And my favorite for Winter is for sure the latest by ChloĆ©, always so chic, so romantic, smelling like a garden in Spring, it is for sure the right choice if you want to smell like a romantic girl, whatever it does mean. 

Winter is maybe pretty when it is snowy, but your lips might hate the colder times and the violent wind. So in order to protect them, use the EOS lip balm. It does smell amazing but it will also keep your lips hydrated for hours! And the feeling is just awesome.

Scared that your dear IPhone will be cold? Head immediately to SkinnyDip and order the craziest phone cases! Here a selection of my favorite ones. 
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Have a wonderful Winter!



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