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10 (new!) things to make you feel good

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Last summer I published an article entitled "10 things to make you feel good", because since I find myself running into terrible state of mind quite frequently I've decided to feel better and to share with you what does make me feel better. This list is still true, I still do all of this, I still read, watch Keeping Up with the Kardashian, I still cuddle my cats with a cup of tea in hand. However, this winter, the anxiety was stronger than ever and I had to find new things to make me feel good, in order to make me feel better. So here is my new list.

1. Plants: I heard some people around me speaking out the good effect that plants could have on us, and basically I never really trusted the fact that having a ficus in my bedroom would help me get rid off my negative energy. Nevertheless, a year ago, I bought some succulents. They didn't really help me feel less sad when I wasn't feeling well, yet to take care of them always made me happier. When the clouds are coming in my head, I just go and buy a new one, or just rearrange them in their pots. I don't know why this makes me so happy, maybe because I prove myself that I can actually take care of something alive. 

2. Vogue: In a complet opposite register, reading Vogue is maybe my favorite method to get rid off my sadness. I told you a little bit about it in my latest editor's letter, and to be honest it is more than just a coffee break when I am feeling sad, it is a door wide open to a fantastic world, full of fantasies and dreams. Vogue is an escape to something a little bit more shinny, a little bit more glamorous, a little more happier. 

3. Putting lipstick on: To stay in the fashion register, here is one of my favorite thing to do when I'm feeling down. As stupid as it might seem, when I put make up on, I instantly feel better, more awake, prettier, and the final touch (lipstick of course!) can sometimes make it all better. 

4. Fresh flowers: Recently I have been a lot into plants. Don't ask me why, I have no clue. But in some way, it feels like I am in a better mood when I have some around me, so fresh flowers, since last Spring I would, have been a new habit that I took. 

5. Talking: Well, as dumb and banal as it seems, I realized very recently that talking was maybe the best way to feel better. Mad at your boyfriend? Relax for a moment, and when your mind is clear go talk to him about what is wrong. And if nobody is responsible of your sadness? When you don't even know why you're sad? Go talk to someone anyway. Say what's on your mind and let what is wrong go. 

6. Movie in bed and blankets: The good old method. You can also add some biscuits. 

7. Taking a walk: Nothing better than fresh air, time by yourself to think/cry/even talk on your own, and taking a minute to look around and see for once everything that is ok and not only everything that is going wrong. 

8. Online shopping: When you are sad, most of the time you don't really feel like going to the city and run around in the shops to find a cozy sweater or a pretty handbag. But let's be honest, shopping is pretty good at making us feel better when we are not so fine - the movie Confession of a Shopaholic, nevertheless, is not a good example, stay down to earth with money or you will have another reason to cry later. So online shopping is maybe the best solution to get through it., here I come!

9. Resting in your boyfriend's arms: This point obviously doesn't work if you are single neither if your boyfriend is the reason why you are sad. But if none of those apply to you, run into his arms. Nothing feels better than this. 

10. Smiling!: Well, as simple as it might seem, it does work. So show some teeth!



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