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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Day. It seems like people are confused on this date. The 14th of February is either synonym of happiness - for people in a relationship - either the worst day of the year - for people who are single - either a day like any other in the year - for people who do care about Valentines Day but want to pretend that they don't. For years, I did pretend. Valentines Day is such a commercial holiday. You buy flowers and chocolates, you spend money on things you don't need for a special someone that might break up with you two months after that. Well, Valentines Day is a complicated day. Everybody has an opinion about it, and sometimes it is hard to have one. For years I didn't celebrate Valentines Day, even if I was in a 'serious relationship'. Last year my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 years together. However I told him not to bother on the 14th of February and just have a casual day, don't plan anything, don't buy any present. We will just ignore it. And I think he didn't really care. But this year I asked him about the 14th of February, and he accepted to do a little something on that special day. Nevertheless life has decided to change our plans. He has to leave Amsterdam really early tomorrow, and so we can't do anything special tonight. To be honest I must say that I was a little bit disappointed when he told me about his early flight. I already had my present, even my lovely V-Day card. Yet tonight won't be the night we will officially celebrate our love, like so many people in the world will. Maybe you are reading my blogpost while waiting for your date to pick you up for a romantic night. Maybe you are on your own, angry to read a blogpost about Valentines Day because you are single and in bed with cookies and ice cream. Maybe you couldn't do it tonight neither, and Valentines Day has to be delayed. Tonight, personally, I am writing this blogpost, a little sad to know that I won't see him, a little bit sad to admit that my first ever Valentines Day was cancelled. But when you are truly, deeply, terribly in love, I don't think you need a fixed date in the year. Don't wait for that special day to offer him a present, to write him a lovely card, to cook him dinner, to wear your sexiest underwear. Don't wait. Love is uncertain, just as life is. When you are lucky enough to share the life of somebody you are deeply in love with, everyday is a special day. If you are this lucky everyday is just like Valentines Day. Happy 14th of February.



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