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What's in my Bag: Update

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bags are a must have when you are a girl. Everybody has her own style, however, we are all the same when it comes to what is inside our bags. For many girls - at least my girl friends - their bags are just a massive mess. I am one of them, so I won't judge anybody. However, since the start of the year, I've decided to be a little bit more organized and to lighten my bags, way too heavy and massive most of the time, which is not that much practical nor fashionable. Last year, my 'what's in my dream bag' article was what I thought I needed, but since then I realized that it was still too much. So here's an update!

  • Iphone + headphones, of course necessary
  • A cards holder. Way lighter and easier to put in your bag
  • A pack of tissue (still a must, especially in Winter)
  • A lip balm, also needed in Winter for lips getting dry. My favorite lip product? This one!
  • Lipstick of the day!
  • Some chocolate treats. It is a new one, but I love them so much... One day I'll try the nuts bar, maybe.
  • A notebook and a pen. I love lists, and I need to write things down to get organized!
  • Sunglasses. Let's not talk about the terrible weather in Amsterdam those days and the fact that I changed my sunglasses for my umbrella in my handbag...
  • The book I'm currently reading. It is always nice to have a cup of coffee on your own in a nice place and to read a good novel


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