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Travel Diary: London

Sunday, 19 February 2017

This is one of the most touristic city in Europe, but once you went there you understand why. London, the city of fashion lovers, of tea lovers, of culture and art lovers, of markets lovers, of craftsmanship lovers, of animal lovers, of architecture lovers, of History and royalty lovers, should I go on? Well, you understood what I meant, London is a place where everybody can fin why he likes, a city made for everyone. You go there to get inspired, to get lost in this gigantic town, to learn and discover, and you are never disappointed. 
London is chic, elegant, preppy and pretty. It is one of a kind, with its magnificent architecture and its legendary royalty, a myth in real life. A happy place for tourists in a word. And the other day I found myself thinking about this special town, and decided to write a travel diary about it, sharing with you my all times favorite spots. So here is a non exhaustive list of what to do in London town. Just some ideas, because London has so many treasures that then it will be up to you to get lost in your travel guide books and find the spots that will perfectly match your interests. Yet let's start with some mythic places. 

Holland Park Neighborhood
I think that this neighborhood embodies the preppy style of London. All of those beautiful houses, with their pretty doors and secret alleys. To get lost in this neighborhood will get you into a British state of mind. You will start to imagine yourself living in one of those pretty master houses, with tulips at the window and a corgi dog barking at tourists on the street. The spirit of the elegant, preppy and classy London lives in those streets, and you will love to chase it. 

The National Portrait Gallery
Art lovers, this is the place to go. London has so many art museums that it is hard to choose which one to visit, but the National Portrait Gallery, in my view, is a good start. All of the great masters are gathered in those gigantic rooms, mythic paintings hanged on the walls for your mesmerized eyes. Observe and admire.

Covent Garden & Liberty
Markets are a really important tradition in London. You can find some of all kinds, from flowers to antiquities. However, to have an overview on all kind of stuffs, Covent Garden is the right market to go. For tourists, there are many cheap art pieces for sale representing the city, and others souvenirs. But you can also find some spots with real London stuffs, with second hand garments and old style lightbulbs.
Liberty is also iconic. Everybody know the building, and inside this pretty shop you will find nice brands - pretty expensive though - and some merchandise from the shop that you could bring back home as a - flowery - souvenir.

Carnaby Street
If you want to shop, you'll definitely have to go to Carnaby Street. It is full of surprises, the perfect spot to find the most interesting shops ever, from cute cupcakes shops, to records sellers and second hand quality clothes. Art, music, garments, you can shop everything on Carnaby Street, an grab a ice tea in one of the many cafĂ© along the road. Take time to make some errands here, and spent too much a little bit of money!

Afternoon tea at Sketch
Wes Anderson lovers, pink lovers, and of course, tea lovers, this is the right place for you to go and have your traditional British afternoon tea. The decor is like no other, it will just be like you are in a movie scene from a Wes Anderson production. The perfect spot to meet at 5 p.m on a lovely afternoon. 

Westminster Abbey & Kensington Palace
Those are must see! London won't be anything without the royalty, and Kensington Palace is at least as much interesting as Buckingham, but you'll find less tourists there! Admire the beauty of this 'castle' and have the possibility to imagine yourself as a queen for a minute.
There are many churches and abbeys to visit in London, but Westminster is for sure one of the most emblematic and impressive one. Take the time to be mesmerized and blown away by the splendor of Westminster Abbey.



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