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Blogger Style: Tanya Burr

Friday, 31 March 2017

When I have hard times at uni - Spring is synonym of fear for me, since I can see the deadlines getting closer and closer each day - I tend to spend my evenings chilling with my laptop, and since I don't find myself interested in many series recently, I spend my time on YouTube. I have a lot of YouTubers that I love, starting from SunBeamJess, with her amazing makeup looks and marvelous books videos, but recently I rediscovered one of my all time favorite, the amazing Tanya Burr. Her makeup tutorials, her blogs, her hauls, I love everything that she does and really look forward her videos. And obviously, I also follow her blog and her Instagram. Recently, I've really been looking for models in order to upgrade my style a little bit. I've then watched a lot of her makeup tutorials, but also really enjoyed her outfits posts on Instagram and her try-on hauls. Her classic style, upgraded with some funny touches and elegant pieces really charmed me, so today I've decided to share with you some of my favorites outfits of her. A fresh new model to start the Spring off right. 

Coffee Time

Grungy Chic

Classy Classics

Credit photos: Tanya Burr Instagram


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