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A day in... Antwerp

Monday, 3 April 2017

A couple of weeks ago, with our master degree teachers we went to spend the day in Antwerp, in Belgium. 2 hours away from Amsterdam by train, and we were in another country, with almost the same language and some architectural common points. The goal of our day away was of course educational, and then we went to visit some museums and exhibition related to our class topic. However, we did have some time afterwards to walk around this beautiful town, a sort of calm and relaxing Amsterdam. From the main streets, that you can see on the first pictures, to much more intimates places - such as the Rubens' house we visited that day -, Antwerp has been full of surprises, but also beauty. For my first time there I must say that I have been impressed by the pretenses of this city and enjoyed a lot its architecture. Here are some pictures I took during the day. 

A typical street in Antwerp, with its recognizable architrave and paved roads

The sun was setting when I took this picture at the Rubens' house, one of the most beautiful building of this city, hiding a magnificent garden

The cathedral is obviously a must-see. From this side it was even more beautiful

Antwerp Central Station, known as the most beautiful European train station



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