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Dance until you smile!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Moments you feel deeply good, happy, without any issue, relaxed, light, are as precious as rare. Happiness is not a magic thought, and it is nor something you can grasp and keep in your pocket, assuring yourself the happiest future ever. Unfortunately, most of the time when you have a good news, or when things finally seem to go perfectly well in your life, no bump on the road, something bad happens. It can just be your exams results, and you failed. Or you realize, when you just left home to meet up in town with some friends, that your bike tire is flat. Just like if something always keeps you away from a flawless and perfect happiness. Life, in a word. 

And when you have something on your mind, when you cannot get out of your thoughts this bad news or whatever, going for a run, having a bath, reading a book, are just useless. You can't get out of your head what bothers you, you cannot appreciate your relaxing bath, enjoy listening to the birds while running in the Vondel Park, you cannot focus on your reading, your mind always goes back to what is going wrong. I speak in the name of the experience. I know what I'm talking about, I've tried almost everything to get away from a bad news. Yet, don't you worry, there is a solution! No, it is nothing like alcohol or drugs, not my type even though I live in Amsterdam, the Coffee Shop is not the solution! Here my solution is way more healthy and funny: dance. I already imagine the laughters and the suspicious eyes, but believe me, to go to the dance floor on a Saturday night after a disappointing week is the cure. Good and loud music - so your mind shut up - and your body follow the rhythm. Your muscles relax, you start to focus on your moves, and soon all of your issues are far away! But well, I'm not a magician, I don't have a cure to stop troubles, yet I can guarantee you, a night on the dance floor will make you smile from ear to ear, and as long as the music is on and your feet in good shape, everything will be fine, at least for a night. 



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