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The Dance Lesson

Friday, 3 March 2017

When looking at a Degas painting, I always think of those two words: delicacy and lightness. It is not in the way he paints, nor in the way he draws, not even in the choice of the colors. It is something else, something that we could almost call an atmosphere. Of course, the assemblage of all of his skills has something to do with this final feeling, however it does feel like - and I speak with the voice of the art historian now - trying to explain such beauty, to find how technically it is possible to have such a result, would break the magic that emanates from 'The Dance Lesson'. 
Degas is for sure one of the greatest master of the early contemporary period. He did add something to art history that is at the same time an innovation and a deep love for tradition. He was one of a kind, and it is something that we can feel while staring at one of his piece. The pastel colors, the bodies and gowns of the ballerinas, the point of view Degas adopts, all of those elements achieve to present a pretty unique art piece. It is obviously interesting to study it as an art historian, but it feels like it is even more enjoyable to look at it by avoiding all of the technical and theoretical aspects surrounding it. Maybe Degas just reminds us that art, at first, is not produced to be studied, but only to be enjoyed. 



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