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Student tips: Studying at Home

Thursday, 23 March 2017

When you start studying at the university, you think that you will have the motivation to go to the library everyday. Well, let's me start again. When you start studying at the university, you think that you won't have to work on your courses everyday, then you realize that it is the only way to get that diploma. Then, you start thinking you will bring your lovely brain and face to the library everyday and work from 9:00 until 18:00. But then you realize that this doesn't happen in real life. Going to the library is awesome. You see people studying all around you, and it does motivate you to do your own work. Plus, you don't even try to go on FaceBook or Instagram, you would be too ashamed if one of those serious student surrounding you saw you doing nothing productive. 

Yet, at some point, you realize that it is not possible to go to the library everyday. First of all, sometimes you don't want to take your bike because Amsterdam is - again - rainy and there is almost a storm going on outside. No way you'll go to the library. Second, you can just have to do some laundry or anything else and will have to be at home, then going to the library will only make you lose time. Or sometimes you just don't want to go there, tired of having to be silent and ashamed to check your Instagram. The good thing to do then, is to understand how to be productive when you study at home, which is not that easy in the end. Home is the place for temptations. You can just spend your day on YouTube, or eating, or sleeping. But sometimes, you have to work from home. So here are some tips for you to succeed!

First of all, get ready for the day. Shower, put your make up on - nicely! Just like you were going to uni - do your hair, and pick up a nice outfit! It is important to dress up, put on some jeans and feel ready for the day. If you stay in your pajamas all day long you won't do anything, and don't feel in the working mood. So dress up and get ready for a day of work in! 
Then, plan your day, including everything. At what time you start working and with what you start, for how long, etc. It is important to be really organized, even more when you are home. Don't forget to include your daily chores, your lunch, and your breaks! It is important to get one break of 10 minutes every hour. To be focused when you are home can be quite complicated, that is why breaks have to be in your program! However, during your breaks, don't start watching YouTube videos or whatever of this kind. This will just make you want to see more, and might end up doing nothing. 
Another important thing is to create yourself a nice working area. A clean empty table is perfect for that, then lay down everything you need! No food around - keep snacks for your breaks -, only a huge bottle or glass of water. Then don't hesitate to add a cheeky little detail, such as a plant. It is proved that they make you happy and positive, so don't hesitate to have a green friend nearby! 
The hardest part will be to discipline yourself of course, but I guess only time will learn you that! Have a good study at home moment day!



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