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March Favorite: Blogger Bag, Yves Saint Laurent

Monday, 20 March 2017
Happy first day of Spring! Even if it is all gloomy, and cold, and rainy and windy in Amsterdam, I had a little bit of Spring when passing by the cutest flower kiosk ever, with loads of tulips and daffodils. I love Spring. It is simply maybe I enjoy coming out of the cold season, forgetting about the snow and just looking forward warmer, better days. You feel lighter in Spring, I believe. Lighter weather causes litter clothes, and then you obviously want to go for a lighter bag. I don't think  I could have found lighter than this YSL Blogger Bag. You can only fit your phone, your keys and you cardholder in here. This is a bag for a minimalist girl, - not me then - only willing to carry her essentials. Even though I do believe this is too small, I also like the idea of this cute little bag, perfect for a night out or to go out for a walk on a lovely springy sunny Sunday. Spring makes me want to change, to be lighter in my head and not only in my outfit. Maybe this bag will just be the one that will oblige me to be lighter? It's so pretty I'll forgive its lack of space!



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