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April Favorite bag: Chanel Backpack

Friday, 21 April 2017

Recently the trend is on the backpack. It is easy to see it, every blogger has one, preferably a couture one, rocking it with a casual outfit at Coachella or with a smarter outfit, to add an original detail. However it is now easier to find the perfect backpack, fashionable and trendy. Say goodbye to the Eastpack bag or the boring black leather and heavy ones we tend to see a lot in the 2000s on the back of some mum with 5 kids. Now backpack is fashionable, even ChloĆ© made one, ChloĆ© the brand of femininity and delicacy, even them. But we can understand them. How to resist how practical it is? Just put everything in it and put it on your back, it won't even bother you during the day. A dream bag for an active girl who wants to stay stylish. 
  Several months ago I presented you the Cara Mulberry Bag, which could also be used as a backpack, and even if it is still my favorite one, today I wanted to talk about the Chanel backpack. For sure the most wanted fashion piece of the moment. We find on it every signs that are so specific to Chanel. The golden logo with the intertwined CC, the criss-cross sewing and the golden chains, the three symbols of Chanel. This association of prestige with such a practical bag, keeping is classiness and chic, make out of it my April favorite, without any hesitation. 



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