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Monday, 24 April 2017

Between stationary and I, the love story runs for quite a long time. Since I'm able to write - like a 4 years old child would intend his first letters to Sant Claus- I'm the proud owner of notebooks and stationary bits of any type. I'm not complicated, for my birthday a notebook will always make out of me the happiest girl on earth. Weird? Maybe. But when you are a lists lover and an organization freak, but also a bit of an artist - well, I'm the proud author of many novels and poems nobody have ever read - trust me, notebooks are just life. Yet everything related to stationary makes me happy. So imagine me last Saturday, heading to town for some errands, arriving at Urban Outfitters stationary stand. I wanted everything yet the control freak in me thought "you shouldn't spend money" and I ended up buying nothing. Deeply regretting it now. 
So for this blogpost I thought I would share with you my personal favorites of the moments, many stationary bits and pieces for my favorite websites. And let me say that as a girl crazy for stationary bits it was quite a hard task to make a rather small selection of items... Anyway, here are my favorites!

This diary is for sure my favorite of the moment. Black, gold and cactus, and I'm sold. Plus, the inside setting is rather original and as always with SkinnyDip merchandise, a tiny bit humanistic. Definitely worth the rather high price...

And of course, it is always a good thing to have the matching pens!

A good collection of stickers is always a nice purchase. Whether it will end up on your phone or on a random plain notebook it will be the perfect personalization.

All of those guided notebooks with haul to fills and a place for everything to be written are nice, however sometimes you'll just need a lined notebook, just to be organized by yourself, or just messy and proud of it. This leafs printed notebook will be the perfect one to take wild notes...

Of course I couldn't go on with my selection without a Daily Journal by Ohh Deer, maybe the most useful notebook ever, an agenda where you can write everything you need, get organized, and keep for years... One of the best investment stationary and organization wise. Plus, the design of this one is especially gorgeous, just to say.

Sticky notes are a must, whether you enjoy stationary and organization or not. It is definitely  everybody have, and when they have a cat on it they are obviously even better. And if the cat is rude, it is definitely the best purchase ever.

Pugs are too cute to be left out. So here are some pencils with pugs on it.

Finally, a pink notebook. Cause every girl need one.



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