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Less is more

Monday, 15 May 2017

Recently I have been obsessed with quite small bags. Well, maybe not that small, but for me once it cannot fit my MacBook Air it is a tiny bag. Anyway, my current obsession is then to make room in my bags, in order to have all I need but also to keep it as light as possible. If you have seen my latest "What's in my bag?" post you might know that I have tried my best to diminish what I carry with me as much as I could. Yet the tiniest the bag the more I feel like I need to take with me. I keep the phone a tissue, a lipstick, and most of the time, after those three items nothing can fit in my tiny bag, the perfect one to go out or just take a walk. Yet whatever the activity I cannot go out with money in me, whether cash or cards. So recently, the cardholder became my best friend. Unlike the wallet it does fit in my bag, and almost makes me feel like a minimalist girl who obviously I am not. This new fashion obsession seems justified, so for once I don't feel guilty spending money on one more fashion accessory. I mean, I need it right? Diamonds? What do you mean, the 21st century girl's best friend is the cardholder! 

P.S: I still love diamonds more than I love a cardholder. Yet if it is a YSL...

P.S': Isn't this picture the perfect flatlay?



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