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Spring on my Nails

Thursday, 18 May 2017

I don't know if it is weird to say that, but my manicure has a lot to do with my mood. I guess it is actually because I spent most of my time typing on my laptop, writing, and having a book in my hand, so I obviously tend to look a lot at my nails especially when I do not feel like working. I reckon this is the reason why I am so obsessed with what my nails look like and I pay a lot of attention to the color that I choose but I also try to always have them done perfectly - if I'm being honest, most of the time it does just last for a day, which does desperate me a lot. But since I am a lot into nails, and a lot into Spring as well, I decided to share with you what are according to me the best nail polishes of the season. Just like my lipsticks selection, it will be a lot about bright and pinky colors, well, all about Spring!

Few months ago Chanel changed the formula of their nail polishes, and I must admit that they now stay longer and look better, but maybe a little less shiny. Yet I believe this makeup brand has one of the best range of colors, especially when it comes to Spring and Summer seasons. Pink and bright coral are all over the place, and the one I picked up here, "Tulle", is for sure a color you cannot go wrong with. It is a light pink, with I believe a touch of orange and coral which adds a little bit more interest to this timeless shade. With a white blouse it will for sure look perfect on a sunny day.

This limited edition is a must have. You were looking for a light orange nail polish, not too flashy, rather powdery and pastel? Here it is. Dior managed to create the perfect light orange, which I think is due to a touch of pink, leading to a mix between orange and coral. I've always been a big fan of Dior nail polishes, yet recently I didn't feel like their new additions were really interesting. Until "Maybe"! And actually their whole limited edition collection. There is no 'maybe' here, you just need it!

I've never really been into Tom Ford makeup, basically because I tend to go for what I know and do not experiment a lot when it comes to beauty products. Yet I finally get my hand on a nail polish from this brand, and I must say I wished I had tried it before. I went actually for a really bright color, really flashy, a shade that I would rather wear in Summer. But I felt light having extravagant nails - if that is even a thing... - and so just went for it. The quality is really good, and the color at the same time original and actually wearable, not like some yellow or electric blue shades. Definitely a good option for extravagant Spring and Summer days!

When you want choices, you just got for Essie. They have the most incredible range of colors, and the quality, for me, is unbeatable. It says well on the nails, it is shiny, it is easy to remove, all a girl is asking for! So to pick only one from this brand was a bit of a challenge, yet I managed to find a favorite in between all of my favorites. This shade could seem a bit more autumnal, but I think it is also really nice for Spring. Between grey and mauve, it is discrete but still noticeable. A must for every season.

For Spring you need a bit of a peps, and your nails can definitely do the trick if you don't feel like playing heavy on your lips. To mark the start of Spring and the soon arrival of Summer, what is better than a coral pink? Lancôme is also a really good quality brand, and even if they don't have the biggest range of colors, they do pick the right tones. The one I choose is the perfect mix between pink and coral, exactly the color of the plant it is inspired from, the bougainvilliers. It is almost like having LA gardens on your nails. Summer is almost here...



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