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Keeping a Diary

Monday, 24 July 2017

Write things down. Nobody ever gave me this tip to make my life better. And I wouldn't have guessed that to pick up an empty notebook and write in it all of my sadness and frustrations would help me get through my issues. Anxiety is still part of my everyday life today. I have issues getting rid of it, and since I do not have the possibility to talk to my therapist every time something goes wrong - which is almost everyday in my situation - I had to find a way to make myself feel better,  by myself. Which is already a complicated concept for the kind of issues that I've got. But anyway. I found something that can help me get through everyday's sadness. I keep a diary. I know, many people do, but I don't know why I did not start before. This is my new good habit since three months and a half by now, and I feel like I need it to make it through the day. Today for instance, was a very bad day. A lot of anxiety took root in me when I had an argument with my boyfriend, and the only place I could express my sadness and my stress was this diary. I just wrote down everything that I felt, and all the thoughts I was not bold enough to say to my boyfriend, all of my anger and my weirdness were on the pages of this notebook, and not in the ears of my beloved. To keep a diary just to keep a trace of your life is already such a nice thing to do, but to keep a diary of what is going on in your head when you suffer from something like anxiety, is definitely a tip I would have loved to receive earlier. It helps you realize what you came through, the progresses you made, and then to be proud of how far you've come. I still need this diary to feel better when anxiety comes my way, but now I also see that I have changed a lot, and I like better the girl from the latest pages of my notebook than the one from the first words. 



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