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July Favorite Bag: Stargazing Bag, Rebecca Minkoff

Friday, 28 July 2017

I will never say enough how much I love Instagram. This platform is not only awesome to share your own images, but also to discover a tone of stuffs. And thanks to the famous blogger Camila Coelho that I follow since only few weeks, I discovered this amazing bag by Rebecca Minkoff, the Stargazing. Let me say, most of the time when I find my dream bag of the month, I do some researches on it, and I always end up visiting the brand's website to have the more details that I can. For this bag, I did the same, and let me tell you that I was shocked at the price. What, $195 for a designer bag? This is then not a dream bag anymore, but an actual one that you can actually get! Best surprise ever. Especially when we look closely at the bag.

When I saw it on Camila's Instagram, I instantly fell in love with it. I never saw this bag anywhere else before, and that is also one of the thing I like about it. It is not one of those it-bags we see on all bloggers' shoulders, it is more personal, it is more like a love story between you and the bag than a style story. You buy it because it looks like you, not because it is trendy. Of course the size of it limits you in what you can bring along in it, yet it does not really mater, we all know that style - and love ! -is more important than space. The studded stars, the details, the shape, all of it gathered together is the recipe for a unique bag, so unique that it stays discrete, reserved to some special girls with a special sense of style, a special eye. But what I loved even more is the association with the guitar strap, also by Rebeca Minkoff. It adds a rock'n'roll look, something different, something that is for sure a beautiful mix at the birth of a true love story between a bag and a girl.



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