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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Since several months I have been trying to buy less clothes, which is not as easy as it seems for a shopaholic like me. But I actually realized that I wanted to change my style, and what I like is more basic than I thought. Of course I love a fantasy blouse or a printed shirt, but we all need basics. That is why I ahem decided to invest more in them, and of course to go for quality and not quantity. I tend to go for Zara, even if it's not the best quality fir every item, if you choose them carefully you can go out with real good quality garments.

But what are basics? I mean, is there a list of specific items for our wardrobe? When I googled it I found so many answers that I was even more lost, that is why I decided to pick up my own basics, following some rules and fashion magazine advices. First of all, of course, a good pair of jeans, in black and blue, then all we need to do is to pick up the shape that fits us the best. Then, a white shirt, in a man shape. Simple but effective. My other basic will for sure be a blazer, that I pick up in dark grey, elegant but not as sad as black. Of course there is also the list of simple t-shirts, grey, white and black, easy to associate for everything. What else? I would say a striped top, a marinière always being elegant and effective. And a little black dress! Oh my God, this is not a basic, this is essential!  I am so sure I am forgetting a tone of items, but at the same time I am afraid that I'll put everything in the basics category... But in the end, are there any basics? Or should we just make up for ourselves our basic wardrobe according to your style. Yet a basic is a base, so I won't stop buying amazing and original clothes! Hurray, the shopaholic won't have to stick to basics! 



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