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Art Review: 'I Loved Him But... I Wanted Too Much'

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What an issue I had with this art review. I stumbled upon this art piece on Tumblr, and I never found the name of the artist nor the title of this print. I assume it is from a comic book, maybe one called 'Young Romance', but still I am not sure. Too bad, I would love to find other prints from this artist, but I would have to stick to this one since I do not have enough information yet. 

However it doesn't really matter, because I just love this print. I have a thing for this kind of aesthetic, and the color of this special one caught my eye. I never read comic books, and never enjoyed this genre, but the prints from the 1960s are definitely an art form that I am found of. In this special one, the perfection of the girl's face, her full lips and big deer eyes, the beauty of her face is just stunning, too perfect to be true, we know, but still. Her pink hair is just a proof that this is all a fantasy, but this fantasy is quickly broken by the text printed in a heart shape "I loved him but... I wanted too much". What does that mean? We cannot know without the rest of the book, we can only let our imagination run, dream about an end we guess tragic. What a shame for such a pretty girl. The reality kills the fantasy, and the dream world disappears for the real one. 



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