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Zara Home Haul

Friday, 4 August 2017

Home decor is a well spread passion nowadays, more and more people willing to live in beautiful spaces, trendy and inspired by decoration magazines. I have also been touched by this tendency, and started to buy a lot of decorative objects. Home decor, more than a trend, is actually something that tends to belong more and more to well-being, people feeling better in a more beautiful environment. Shops dedicated to this field have bloomed during the past decade, but personally, as a lover of the brand Zara for clothes and accessories, I instantly fell in love with Zara Home, spoiling us with various universes where everybody can find its own style. That is why I am now sharing with you my favorite pieces at the moment from this amazing shop, pieces that will definitely make of a house a home.

To organize is something crucial in home decor, when things are ordered, everything look better. And what's better than a tray to tidy up your stuffs? I love this one for its mirror, perfumes bottles look really nice on it, and able you to order by keeping it pretty.
Round Mirror Tray

To have a nice table is something I always long for. To eat with nice dishes, drink in pretty glasses, is always something that make me enjoy even more my meals. So I here picked up a water glass, something that will definitely upgrade your table game.
Platinium-Rimmed Tumbler Glass

Bed is a place where we spend half of our life in, so it is important to have a comfortable one of course, but also a nice looking one. Zara Home is then pretty good at proposing you beautiful bed sheets, and for this selection I choose a simple flower print in grey, something that at the same time looks sophisticated and effortless, a Hampton house style in a word.
Linen Duvet Cover with Blurred Print

Trend is all over Zara Home, and it is not a secret anymore that cactus are trendy. So what's better than a trendy but still elegant bathroom? This bathroom set is the perfect combination of both those adjectives, and will definitely add an original touch to any bathroom.
Cactus Shaped Bathroom Set

Organization is definitely a key of today's lifestyle, and it is something that we find in house decor, since our environment has a direct impact on our state of mind. That is why my final object for this haul is a box. Of course a beautiful one, yet still practical to hide everything that will look like a mess!
Mother-Of-Pearl Box with Metal Trims



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