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Summer Little Pleasure I: Book and Black Cherries

Monday, 31 July 2017

Every season has its specificities, its highlights and good points. But for me they are way easier to find in Summer. It feels like everything is easier during this season, to be happy is an easy game, and there are many simple activities that can make your Summer days. That is why I decided to start this mini series, "Summer Little Pleasures", where I will share with you my favorite useless things to do in Summer, simple activities that can look silly, but will make out of your Summer the best yet. 

My first Summer Little Pleasure will be to go in a park, or even in my garden, no matter if it is by a pool, the lake, or in a square of grass in the mountains, and sit down on a picnic blanket with a good novel and a bag of black cherries. How simple, right? I don't know why but to me it looks like the perfect combination for a good Summer day by myself, eating sugary fruits while reading a good book - book review coming soon by the way! I am not going on holiday this Summer, and I do not have a lot of friends in my area, so to find things to do by myself and that make me happy is crucial in my Summer ritual. Here, there is the perfect recipe. Fresh air, good book, good food, and an almost poetic loneliness. 



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