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British Beauty: Bagsy

Sunday, 3 September 2017

To love beauty and makeup is to always will to discover new things, and never stick to only one brand, one product. That is why when I saw this new stand in one of the shop I go for my makeup refuel, I decided to give a go to Bagsy Beauty, a British makeup brand. Sometimes I am disappointed with what I try, but not this time. This time, I fell in love with the two products that I bought first. There was the lemon lip balm and a lipstick, in the shade 'Happy Days', and those two products totally convinced me that this brand was worth it, and that I should definitely put my hand on more products. 
Some days after my first Bagsy purchase, I ran back to the store and bought the 'Wander Wand' stick, a concealing and illuminating duo, which is just an amazing product, a duo that works really well to at the same time hide what you don't want others to see, and highlight what you want people to see! The formulae feels really nice on the skin, and is rather long lasting.

I also bought the eyeshadow pencil in 'Caffeine Fix', perfect for my blue eyes, and really easy to apply and blur, another good formulae. If I had to pick up three favorites, I would for sure go for their  cream blush in 'Velvet Rose', their 'Wander Wand' stick I mentioned above, and the Rasperry lip balm, slightly tinted. 
This brand has got a really small range, but actually condenses everything that you need in your makeup bag, every essentials from the blush to the eyeliner and lipgloss. Behind their lovely packaging there is also a beautiful ethic, all of their products are cruelty free, which means that they are not tested on animals, something quite rare in the makeup industry and that we tend to forget about. Pretty, efficient and conscious, what else could a beauty addict ask for?



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