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Lana Del Rey

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Since I am dating a musician, I started to approach music differently. He always makes me discover new artists, new songs, things that had something different, something special that would make you feel special when listening to it. I really loved discovering those new artists, and I kind of stopped listening to more popular tunes that we can hear on the radio, my style and tastes changed, and I liked that. But I did not want to forget my identity with all of those new stuffs, and I continued to listen to the artists I had loved for a while. And one of them is Lana Del Rey. I discovered her with the commercial "Video Game" that I am still loving deeply (even if my boyfriend tends to condemn everything too popular and 'commercial'...) but since I have learned to listen to music differently, to look for new things in tunes, to put more importance in the feeling that can be spread by a song, I enjoy Lana Del Rey's music even more than before. 

With this new approach I did not find "weird" some tunes that I disliked at first for their originality and odd atmosphere. I started to enjoy those tracks that weren't so popular because they were sometimes a little bit out there (as 'Freak' for instance). By avoiding the popular radio songs, by listening to many different kind of styles (from Jazz to Fusion and Rap music) I started to listen to Lana Del Rey in a different way. I saw new things in her song, I started to realize that some parts of them were full of emotions, poignant. I think this artist is still considered by many as a girl who was born in the wrong time, who has a style too weird, who does uninteresting music, but I would strongly disagree. I think she has a lot to say, and she has the voice and the ideas to do so. She is for sure one of a kind, somebody who might not be remembered till the end of times, but who will for sure inspire a generation with her poetry and vision of life. 



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