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Friday, 22 September 2017

When we think about fashion and the influencers we follow on Instagram and other social media, we always have this image of a beautiful girl, succeeding in her blogger career, and launching whether a make up range, a clothing or a shoe brand, or a book about her story. But some bloggers and influencers look in other directions, such as Saasha Burns, who went for a totally different concept, being vitamin pills. We can obviously link this to beauty and lifestyle, but to have a blogger being interested in such a topic is not really common in what I know. 
Reading the website, Bear Journal, I have learnt how those vitamins were made, but also about the concept. There are four different kinds of vitamins, all made for a different purpose. Protect, Perform, Restore, Explore. Behind those wanderlust kind of names, we find a real purpose and a real will to create a product that will correspond to every need and help its consumers fill a certain lack of their system. I have never been into those vitamin things, it is definitely something I never took seriously, until two winters ago, when I was sick for almost two months, never getting rid off this massive cold I kept with me as a faithful companion since the start of colder times. I then started taking vitamins, and let me say that last year it made a real difference. That is why this year I wanted to give a try to Bear Journal. Their formula, based on plants, and declined in four different kinds really focuses on specific issues. Restore and Protect are definitely a must for Autumn and Winter, helping us fight against the cold and all the bacterias that fly in the air at this time. When beauty and well-being are hidden in natural based pills...



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