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Statement Accessories

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Fashion is sometimes hard to follow, and hard to adapt to your lifestyle. If you work in a bank you have to follow a certain dress-code, if you are a student you cannot afford all of those fashionable pieces and buy a new wardrobe every season, yet if you can wear crazy fashion clothes at your work and afford them you might not feel really comfortable wearing weird pieces that may be on trend but a bit too 'out there'. So when clothes are a too big statement, and if like me you love your classics and basics, the key for an incredible look will be to be found in your accessories. To be honest, I love to watch fashion shows, to read fashion magazines, to know about every trend, yet I won't wear most of them cause for me they sometimes feel like they are made for another world. That is why accessories are so amazing. They can make a statement without you having to look like you come head to New York Fashion Week's Ralph Oscar de la Renta's show.

To me, there are three kind of accessories that are perfect to make a statement. The first one is obviously the handbag. You can wear blue jeans with a grey sweater and burgundy loafers, rocking a pretty simple and classic look, but just add a colorful handbag, or one of a rather weird - understand 'trending' here - shape, and this will do the look. The second accessory is for me the scarf. I wear a lot since the weather in Amsterdam is far from being 'nice', so I love to wear big wooly scarfs of crazy colors or patterns, something that will for sure gives some vitamins to your monochromatic and simple  look. And last but not least, a good pair of statement earrings. They definitely add something to a look, whether by being gigantic, ethnic or simply original. Of course the goal is not to wear all three statement accessories together, but to use them to make out of a simple look a fashionable outfit. Sometimes simplicity is the key, you just have to find this little detail that will make of your outfit a fashion week worthy look. 



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