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Art Review: Vincent Peters, 'Personal'

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Today for my art review I wanted to do something different. I tend to focus a lot on paintings, drawings, more classical forms of art, and from a far away time. Yet my studies leaded me today to fashion photographs, something that I study for my research, and I recently stumbled upon this artist, Vincent Peters. He has been a fashion photographer for twenty years now, working for famous magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, but he also did realize some advert campaigns for La Perla for instance, maybe one of my favorite campaign ever actually. So I wanted in this review to talk about one of his book, recently released, called Personal, and I then picked up my favorite picture, also being the one on the cover. When going through the book, its title makes all sense. There is no better word than 'personal' to describe the atmosphere and the feeling that come out of his photographs. It feels like we are entering into the intimacy of his models, that we are looking at them, but not lurking however. Subtlety and elegance are at the center of those images, where the bodies and light come into conversation, interact with one another to create such unique images, being nothing else but beauty. His very particular aesthetic comes back to the classical idea of a beautiful art work. There is an inherent grace and an inherent beauty in his works. His subjects are rather simple and usual, but the way he represents his models is looking a lot like magic, almost a divine beauty, nothing real. 



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