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Student Life: Finding Balance

Saturday, 7 October 2017

My second year of study in Amsterdam has already well started. It has been a month, and work is already hitting me hard. Loads of readings to do, presentations to prepare, research proposals to write,  weekly assignments to hand in time, and last but not least figuring out my thesis topic... Life is hard when you are a student. Everything look impossible and you are easily overwhelmed - just look at me exactly a year ago, it was the end of the world... But I learnt from my mistakes and kept only the good things. I am really trying to find balance in my life. With my anxieties it is a really important part for me to feel good in order to be able to produce good quality work. Finding balance could look easy, but actually what is easy is to be overwhelmed in a second. That is why I kept from last year my pretty strong organisation, a real plus, and real must when you are at uni. If you do not look ahead, if you do not plan, events tend to pretty easy run over you. Organisation is actually the key for everything, not only for work, and it is thanks to that that I am finding balance. Organizing your days and weeks - thanks to whoever invented the bullet journal - is the only way for me to do everything that help me feel good. 

And what is it that helps me go through this harsh semester? Firstly, finding nice studying spots is definitely a key. Whether it is a cafĂ© or a library, find somewhere you feel good, a place you enjoy, and it is even better if you have people to go there with. This work wise is my only tip, because well, you gotta do the work so of course it is not all pink and pretty. But when you are done with your readings and assignments of the day, take time for yourself. Personally I think the best things to do are pampering, reading a good book - not related to uni of course - working out - I know, I finally started - cooking good meals - need ideas ? - and of course going shopping. When you work a lot you need those moments for yourself, those moments when work doesn't interfere with your mind, those moments when uni is behind you, even if it will be back in the morning. But well, if you find balance even that is a pleasure in the end. 



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