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Fall Favorite Makeup

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Each season as its makeup. Summer, as usual, was pretty light and easy make up wise. With the heat and the sun, we tend to let the foundation, the eyeshadow and the lipstick in our drawers, not willing to put anything to our skin, smoking up the sun. But Autumn came pretty quickly here in Amsterdam, and the gap between the two seasons has been pretty harsh. As soon as the temperature started to drop, and the rain to start pouring, I went into a new makeup routine that I wanted to share with you. It is kind of a favorites list actually, but mainly what my daily makeup has consisted in for the past three weeks. 

The first change, was foundation. I started to wearing some again, my skin quickly loosing its Summer glow and tan, I needed some color and a healthy face. I have tried a lot of different foundation, but most of them were too heavy for my skin, and tended to break it down. I then decided to give a try to the Clinique "Chubby in the nude" foundation stick. It is matte and light, easy to apply with the stick, then you just have to blur it with a beauty blender. It does give you this matte flawless skin without being too drying, a very good formulae. The next step is concealer. I am pretty faithful to the same one from Bourjois, that I have been using on and off for years now. It is the "123 Perfect CC Cream", with SPF15, still useful in every season. The formulae is a bit more heavier, but it is really easy to apply, whether on dark circles or blemishes, it definitely do the job. To finish with this, I use a cream blush by Bagsy beauty in "Velvet rose", to add a more glowy and dowy side to my skin, pretty matte because of the foundation. This cream blush is everything, you can find here the article I wrote on this brand that I love a lot. 

Next and final step for the skin, my Fenty highlighters. I tested the brand very lately, but dear god how good is that! Those "Match Stix Shimmer Stick" are everything. The range of colors can look a little bit weird - especially he unicorn one, a bit too purple maybe - but the results are amazing. I went for "Confetti" and "Starstruck" and oh lord they are just perfect. It is the perfect highlight we have been looking for for ages, plus, you can use those sticks on your eye leeds and your lips, and it definitely works. An article focusing on the brand will actually come to you soon!

Now, to the eyes. As you may know by now, I am a big fan of eyeliner, and for that I still stick to my "Liner Pinceau" also by Bourjois, very matte and plain, but pretty hard to manage when you are not used to liquide liners. But as much as I love a cat eye, this Autumn I wanted to spice things up a little bit. So I purchased two palettes, the first one being from NYX. I am a big fan of their liquide lipsticks already, but I never tried out their eye products before. And to inaugurate my coming into this new world, I bought the "Cosmic Metals" palette. I think it is full of good shades for Autumn, metallic and coppery, looking very nice when well-blended and highlighted by the liner. The second one I purchased is from &Other Stories - my new favorite brand. I went for the "Sateen Aubergine" palette, mixing lovely pink and purple tones, perfect for blue eyes and colder weather. Added to that, my faithful Maybeline Lash Sensational mascara. 

And last but not least, my absolute favorite part, the lips. I am a massive fan of lip products, and I found it hard to pick up favorites here. But by checking out my habits I realized that I was always going around the same shades and formulae, so here are my two most reliable lip products for Autumn. First, the Chubby Lip Pencil by &Other Stories in "BouillonnĂ© Truffle". It is such an amazing product, such a natural finish. I fell in love with the formulae and this color in particular perfectly fit the season, mauve looks perfect in colder times. And my other favorite is the Too Face Liquid Matte Lipstick in "Child Star". The finish is different, very matte and a bit drying, but this color is amazing. It is the perfect look for the 'dead lip' style. With purple eyes and a nice highlight the look is complete. 

So here is my ideal Autumn makeup look! Just click on the items' names to shop them!



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