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Pumpkin Love

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Living far away from home is complicated for many reasons. You miss your family, your house, your bedroom, your habits and comfort and warmth that home brings into everybody's hearts. It has been already one year since I left home to study in Amsterdam, and even if I go back regularly, when I left after almost three Summer months, I realized that I also missed something else, being food. It is a well-known fact that students are lazy food wise. I follow this rule, always too busy working or trying to socialize, and to make the most of Amsterdam to really take the time to cook myself good meals. Yet I am trying to do better, and with Autumn who just welcomed us, some basic ingredients help me get reminded of home. And this season is pumpkins season. The other day I FaceTimed my mother, and she told me about the pumpkin soup she just made. Let me tell you, I was not happy that the first pumpkin soup of the year happened without me. But instead of being mad at my mother (which would have been weird anyway) I decided to collect some recipes that I am here sharing with you. 

The Pumpkin Tart. What a classic, and how comforting is this recipe! Autumn in a plate.

The Pumpkin Soupe. Real comfort food, warm for your body and your heart, a meal that always remind me of those days when I was a child and we went back from strolls in the woods, cozying up in front of the chimney, with a bowl of pumpkin soup. 

The Pumpkin Pastas. Pastas are for sure the student number one ingredient, so I thought that this recipe was definitely a must in this list. Just imagine mac'n'cheese with pumpkin, heaven in a pot. 



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