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Currently Loving: Fenty Beauty

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Beauty wise, there are two kind of people. The ones who want to try out every single new brand and new product, and the ones who stay faithful to their staple. I am both. I want to try, yet I am not going too far, and never end up buying everything from a brand that just popped out. With Fenty Beauty, I didn't want to buy anything at first. I wasn't so sure about it, and I have quite a problem with celebrities who want to be found in every field. If you are a singer you sing, you do what you know. I don't know why I am so stubborn with that, but I can't help feeling this way. So, well, Fenty Beauty was not a crush at first at first glance. So I waited a little bit for reviews, and well, they were good. Still I was not sure if they were good because it was Rihanna's brand or because the products were actually good. I read some more reviews, and decided to place an order. I then went for the products that really did catch my eye, being the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick. Its multi use aspect really appealed me, and I ordered it in two shades, 'Confetti' and 'Starstruck'. Promising beautiful names. 

Well. I tried it right away when I received it of course. And I think the first thought that came to me was 'I never came accros something like that'. Honestly, I was so positively surprised, I almost wanted to immediately place a new order. The sticks were so perfect for highlighting, but also to use as eye shadow, and on the lips it did look absolutely gorgeous. The formulae was to die for, they were resistant to time but easy to remove, a dream in a stick. I then ordered few other products from the brand, and well I haven't been disappointed. The quality is blatant, the packaging is beautiful, the colors are out there and we love that. She smashed it to be honest. At the moment I am using the foundation - so light and so natural, a dream - the shimmer sticks obviously, and the lip gloss on a daily basis for a glowy and dewy makeup look, but still a sophisticated one. Fonts beauty is definitely a new favorite for me, and I can't wait for the next collections to come out!



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