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Sweater Weather II

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fast fashion is going crazy during our era. Zara and other high street brands are changing their collections almost every week, and it starts to be very hard to follow. But I still walk into Zara quite often, even if I am not the biggest fan of the shops which are full of clothes, so many of them that we don't even know where to look at anymore. So when I go, I most of the time browse very quickly and stop only when I notice a piece worth the fight to get it. Few weeks ago, I went in a Zara store in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and crossed path with this beautiful knitwear you see me wearing here. I saw it and unconsciously I thought about how much this purchase could be worth it (even if it was quite pricy for Zara), how coded it was, and how much I loved that. 

It is no big news that high street brands are following the trends that we see during fashion weeks, and since two seasons ago now the zodiac patterns and embroideries went back in the trend thanks to the very talented Maria Grazia Chiuri, the designer of Dior. The pieces she designed were absolutely beautiful, and carried an interesting aesthetic story, but as with everything from couture houses, it was only a dream for girls like me. I guess when I saw this knitwear in Zara I instantly related it to this fashion show that I deeply loved. It was coded with all the things girls who want to get into fashion love. The trend was coming straight from Dior, the embroideries are so damn trendy, grey is the color for this autumn winter, and gold is definitely the metal we have to go for at the moment. I knew why I loved it so much when I bought it. I knew those codes behind it, I knew that fast fashion is not the best thing ever, but we do with what we have. So thanks Zara for giving me a little bit of Dior in my life, because when I look at it, I see Maria, not Zara. 



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