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December Favorite Bag: Claude, Sézanne

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Christmas is over, but the presents wish list never stops growing, even after this season's spoiling. And I couldn't really leave a month go without a bag favorite, definitely one of my most loved series. So to end the year, I chose a very French bag, from a very French brand. Claude, by Sézanne. But to talk about this bag, we need to talk about a broader and bigger legend: the Parisian style. Everywhere around the world, the Parisian woman is seen as the most elegant, the most stylish, the most beautiful woman, able to adopt an effortless style but to still be the best dressed and the classiest. The Claude bag does embody this legend. It is a French bag, its name screams its nationality. It is the claim to the world, "this bag is French, this bag is the Parisian woman's bag!". How true though. So classic, so timeless, this model is definitely the reflection of the legend. We can easily imagine an elegant Parisian of the 60s with this bag at her arm, and also see it perfectly worn in 2018 in the streets of the beautiful French capital. Sézanne is a very French brand, and does spread this beloved Parisian style all over the world, but this bag is its manifesto. It is a bag that screams, "Wear me and become the elegant Parisian woman". A legend to be carried in Paris, and everywhere around the world. 



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