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Two Thousands Eighteen

Monday, 1 January 2018

Every year has its thorns and has its beauty. Every year, we go through the best and the worst, we face new challenges, we accept new failures, we enjoy every small victories. Every year is different, and at the end of each we always take some time to reflect on the good and the bad. 2017 has flew by. I did not see it happen, and Ia cannot believe it is already over. I can see the good that happened during this 12 months, but I cannot help noticing everything that I missed, everything that I did wrong. Obviously, this is good, because I should take lesson from that, and good resolutions for not to make the same mistakes next year. Well, this is all a lie, we know that. I don't k ow anybody who respected his or hers new year's resolutions. So this year again, I won't take any concrete resolution. It is so useless to me, somebody overwhelmed so easily. My only resolution will be to start being less negative, maybe to ask myself less questions and to live a happier life. I know, what a goal for somebody who says takes no resolutions. But how do we end the year if we do not bring a little bit of light in our life? I don't like the 31st of December. Yet maybe we should start living each day like this one, meaning that we should start taking good resolutions at the end of each day of the year, and here maybe will come a happier life. 

Happy new year to you all, may all your wishes for the future come true, may all the love you deserve come to you. 



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