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A Springy Look

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

I am very fed up with Winter. Let's be straight forward. I cannot stand the cold anymore, and even if the sun has finally come out in Amsterdam - hurray! - I still have to wear layers and layers of clothes if I want to survive. I a dreaming of a nice and sunny Spring, where I could wear my favorite combination: a chunky sweater, and a pink blush scarf. How precise and how weird, I know! But few weeks ago, I decided to go shopping in the sale section of H&M - what??? - which is something I never tend to do. Too much mess and horrible pieces. But you know, when you need a break from the library, even the business of H&M during sale season is a nice getaway. And there I stumbled upon the most beautiful pastel tones scarf. It is warm, it is soft as hell, the colors are amazing - completely in love with the pink blush side - but the shape is a misery. A square. I mean, obviously it is stylish, but well, you cannot knot it around your neck. Not so wintery. Yet I bought it, too in love with the colors to leave it behind. After that, while browsing through the new collection - the colors of the sweaters in sale kind of scared me - I stumbled upon the most gorgeous chunky turtle neck sweater. So soft and so warm, just enough oversized, in the most beautiful of grey. The combination of both those items completely got me, and now it is a look I am wearing a bit too much... But under my bloody coats that I cannot stand anymore. Please Spring, come soon, I want to rock my Springy look, to show it to everyone, to go out in the street with a pair of blue jeans, my white Converse, and only my beautiful sweater toped on with my lovely scarf..! Spring, you are needed!



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