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A Week in my Life

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monday 12th February: Just went back from home. Time to meet again with the reality of my student life in Amsterdam. A reading afternoon at the library is needed. Yet finishing just early enough to run to the movie night, meeting by boyfriend and a couple of friends for the projection of an old French movie in the basement of a bar. 

Tuesday 13th: March will soon be there, and I need to write more and more. Spending the morning working from home, and the afternoon writing at university. Leaving early for an impromptu date night. 

Wednesday 14th: No time to celebrate Valentine's, need to go back to the library. The Contemporary Art Museum library this time. I do not mind biking on such a sunny day. On my way back home I stop in a nice cafĂ©, and drink my matcha latte while planning for the blog. A little bit of me time. 

Thursday 15th: In need of a break after such a hard start of the week. Slow morning, late wake up, sweet breakfast. Just enough time to get ready and meet my girl friends in time for a gossipy lunch and a shopping trip in town. 
Then, back to reality, back to the library. 

Friday 16th: After such a hard working week, it is not the weekend yet. I have a meeting with my thesis supervisor. Even more stress, always more work. After that, back to the library, the Fashion Institute one this time. For a change. 
Need to chill a little bit after such an intense day. Sex & the City nigh at home. 

Saturday 17th: Finally the weekend, but still got to work. From home however. Leaving early, to meet my boyfriend and friend of his. Time to have dinner in town and catch a rather late night. 

Sunday 18th: Enjoying a lazy morning after such an intense week. Staying in bed with him for way too long, before going for a stroll in the park, on this sunny day. Back home for a massive brunch, before heading to the spa for a relaxing afternoon. 

What a week.



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