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Valentine's Day

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I guess I was never good enough for love
I always was afraid
Afraid of the first words
Afraid of the first smile
Afraid of the first kiss

I guess I was never brave enough for love
How weird, meeting a stranger
Talking to a stranger
And then one day
Letting the stranger kiss you
Letting him in your life

I guess I was always too stupid for love
Not understanding how to love one
Not understanding how to be a loved one
Not getting why, me, why, now, 
I was living that

I guess I was never conscious enough for love
I did not want to change
I was myself, 
I was going to be the same for ever
I didn't get that once you're loved you change
That once you love, you molt

I guess I was never ready for love
Took by surprise by a stranger at a bus stop
Took by surprise when he kissed me on this bench
Took by surprise when he told me he loved me, for the first time

I guess I never believed in love
Valentine's day was just a stupid holiday
Love was just a myth

But the stranger changed my mind

I am still not good enough, I am still not brave enough
I am still too stupid, I am stil unconscious, 
I am still not ready

But it does not matter anymore
Now you are no more a stranger to me
You are my loved one
And I am yours

Happy Valentine's Day


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